Taxi And Limo Insurance

As a cab or limo driver you are held to a higher standard than your everyday driver. Not only are you responsible for the care and safety of your passengers but you are responsible for any damage to your cab or limo and the property of others. If that is not enough, you are also responsible for any injuries to other individuals and pedestrians. For example, you do not have to be a fault in Illinois to be held liable and be sued.

Your cab or limo is your office and your livelihood, you cannot afford to have it not drivable due to an accident or claim. You also have to be compliant with all the city and state regulations. You need an insurance agent who understands both your business and your insurance needs. Northwest Insurance Brokers has a dedicated team that specializes in cabs and limos. Our team is led by an industry expert with over twenty five years of cab and limo insurance experience. You know how important it is to keep vehicles on the road and properly covered. We will also pick up your stickers or plates from the Secretary of State for easy and convenient pick-up at our office.

Northwest Insurance Brokers works with all the major carriers that have a product specifically geared for cabs and limos. Because we work with so many carriers, we can offer the lowest rates available. Our team shops the markets every year to make sure we can offer our clients the lowest rates with the best service. Our agents understand that being a driver requires flexibility to make your payments so our team will work with you to design a payment plan that fits both your schedule and budget.

If you are involved in an accident, we will guide you through the claims process. Our team will work to make sure you get your cab or limo back on the road as soon as possible.

Lowest rates and payments with superior service, let Northwest Insurance Brokers keep you on the road and insured. You focus on the fares and let us take care of the insurance!