Illinois Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Lawsuits are a reality in today's business world. It can be difficult to allocate just how much coverage your business could potentially need if disaster strikes. Do not leave your business's assets vulnerable; add extra insulation to your already existing general liability, and commercial auto policies with a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy.

A client who had their business owners, auto, and workers compensation policies with another agency called Northwest Insurance Brokers after hearing about our Insurance Reviews and was interested in receiving one. During the review, the agent pointed out that even though the client had general liability coverage of 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate, the last valuation of the company set its value at over 3 million dollars. The agent pointed out the gap in coverage and advised the client to purchase Illinois Commercial Umbrella Insurance to close that gap. The client was so happy with the review that he decided to switch all his policies to be brokered by Northwest Insurance Brokers.

When you have a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy in place, there are fewer worries about depleting valuable business assets or future income to cover catastrophic liability claims. An umbrella liability policy supplements your existing policy's general liability and auto liability. In other words, once your existing policy's limits have been reached the commercial umbrella will kick in to add even more coverage.

Call today to have your policies reviewed by a Northwest Insurance Brokers agent, the review can help give you piece of mind or help identify insurance needs that have been missed.