Bars, taverns, nightclubs, and restaurants have a number of unique risks. For example, a patron may slip and fall or a fire could break out in the kitchen. Whatever the misfortune may be, make sure your property is covered as well as any liabilities.

At Northwest Insurance Brokers we have unique insight into the service industry from our years of insuring bars, taverns, and nightclubs. We understand the service industry is a unique segment of our economy with a need for specialized coverages. Our agents will help create a package to cover the specific risks associated with your industry. We offer loss prevention and claims services that further enhance our abilities to provide remarkable coverage. Let us help you focus on your business and we will take care of the risks!

Some possible coverages could include:

  • Structures and buildings
  • Personal property and contents
  • Signage
  • Crime
  • Business income
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Food contamination
  • Spoilage
  • Liquor liability
  • Law or ordinance coverage

One day a prospective client called in for a Northwest Insurance Brokers Insurance Review, and during the review the Brokers agent touched on some coverages that the prospective client did not have. After the review the prospective client asked if he could receive quotes with the additional coverages and the Brokers agent obliged. The prospective client was so happy with the review and the quotes that he switched agents to Northwest Insurance Brokers. After writing the clients insurance, the NWIB agent made a point to visit the restaurant to survey the property and see if there were any changes that could be made to help mitigate any losses. The NWIB agent pointed out to the client about having proper first aid stations around the restaurant, increased lighting in stairwells to help mitigate any falls, and developing a food allergy system for servers and the kitchen. The client was very happy that the NWIB agent took so much interest in helping to keep his insurance costs low and protect his place of business.