Around Thanksgiving we were having trouble with a workers compensation audit. Our carrier was dragging their feet and due to their lack of urgency, we were in jeopardy of lapsing in coverage. The day after Thanksgiving, when most agencies were closed, I called Michael Tosto at Northwest Insurance Brokers and he was able to quote and bind coverage within an hour. Now that we are with Northwest, we are able to see firsthand the level of service they provide. I would highly recommend their services to any business owner. Whether you need a certificate of insurance or a general question answered, Northwest Insurance Brokers is able to help.

- Halsted Street Deli Owner, Davine Lagori

Because of the unique nature of our business it was difficult to find a good carrier for our Directors & Officers and Errors & Omissions coverage. When I contacted Northwest Insurance Brokers and explained how tracking insurance for loss payees was a relatively new service, I was assured by them that they had a market for our risk. Sure enough, Northwest Insurance Brokers was able to place us with a top-rated carrier. I was impressed with their knowledge of the industry and I endorse them regularly to anyone in need of insurance. Thanks Northwest!

-Synaptic Resources President, Ken Owensby

The insurance for my company skyrocketed due to a claim and the price became unmanageable. I was referred to Northwest Insurance Brokers and with the extensive amount of markets they have access to, they were able to save me over $20,000 on my premium while providing me with the same quality of coverage I had before. Northwest Insurance Brokers also helped my business with loss prevention and a return-to-work plan. They took a firsthand approach and worked alongside me to help ensure my business was properly covered. I appreciate all the help and attention they provided me when my back was against the wall. If you have any insurance needs or even just need a second pair of eyes to take a look at your policy, Northwest Insurance Brokers is the place to go!

-S & F Painting Owner, Mike Kastholm

My auto insurance was being cancelled by my carrier because of three small losses in a two-month period. I was told the only option I had was to get insurance with a non-standard insurance company, but I was then referred to Northwest Insurance Brokers and they were able to get my autos and umbrella covered with a standard carrier. Northwest Insurance Brokers was there to get me out of a jam and I am grateful to them for that.

-Staffan Schueberg