Personal Umbrella

Liability claims can come out of nowhere, wouldn't it be nice to know that you have additional coverage above what is included on your home or auto. With a personal liability umbrella this can be accomplished.

Just like an umbrella you carry on a rainy day protects you from getting wet, a personal liability umbrella follows and protects your standard of living.

A client of Northwest Insurance Brokers owns a home in the suburbs of Chicago and him and his wife went out of town one weekend and left their teenage son home to take care of the house. The son threw a party over the weekend and when one of the party goers decided to leave they backed their car into a telephone pole which then landed on the transformer for that part of town. Because of this, many homes and business were without power for days and the damages ended up being 1.3 million dollars. The insured had a million dollar liability limit on their homeowners and would have been responsible for the additional three hundred thousand dollars out of pocket, but because of their Northwest Insurance Brokers agent recommending them purchase a million dollar personal liability umbrella, the umbrella kicked in and covered the additional three hundred thousand dollars.

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